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Full text of "Henry County: From Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et seq. (Continued)"

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From its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth 
Century, et seq. 

From the records in the clerks office, by C. B. Bryant, Martinsville, Va. 


1782, March. — John Salmon, Esqr., is allowed £$ for serving 
as Clerk to the Court of Inquiry of this County 23 days in mak- 
ing instructions for supplying the Continental Army with cloth- 
ng & provisions. 

Ordered that the several delinquents who were appointed to 
furnish Clothing & Beef for the Continental Army be summoned 
to appear here at the 2d day of the next term. 

George Waller, Esq., is recommended to his Excellency the 
Governor as a proper person to serve as Colonel of the militia. 
Peter Saunders, Esq., recomended as Lt. Colonel. Brice Mar- 
tin is recomended as Major. George Hairston is recommended 
as Colonel. Peter Hairston is recommended as Major. 

George Elliott is allowed ^14. — for a Horse impressed into 
military service in June, 1781, and lost in said service. 

Also ,£22. — for one ditto at same time and lost. 

Also ^34. — for a Wagon, Geer & Jackscrew at same time. 

Also ,£53. 10. for 107 days service with Wagon & Team. 

Also ,£10. for 20 days service with Wagon & Team when 
marching to the Marques Dela Fayett in 1781. 

Also allowed 1 2s. for 3 Casks. 

Robert Stockton produced certificate from Elijah King, Lieut, 
in Col. Washington's Light Dragoons, that he impressed a Stone 
Horse, 5 ft. high, 10 years old, almost full blooded & worth 
/150, specie. 

John Barksdale is appointed Captain of the company formerly 
commanded by Major Brice Martin, and John Redd 1st Lieut. 
&John Cox 2d Lieut. 

Joseph Cooper is appointed Captain of the company com- 
manded by Capt. Geo. Hairston, George Hamilton 1st Lieut., 
and Thadeus Salmon, Ensign. 


George Reynolds is appointed Captain of the company com- 
manded by Capt. Peter Hairston, Matthew Webb ist Lieut., 
John Conway 2d Lieut., & Bazel O'Neal, Ensign. 

1782, May. A court held for adjusting claims for property 
impressed or taken for Public Service, pursuant to act of Assem- 

Josiah Smith allowed for 82 Rations to Thomas Smith, a 
British prisoner wounded and unable to travel. 

Also for 103 lbs Bacon furnished Brigade of Wagons belong- 
ing to Gen 1 Sumter by Sam 1 Moore F. Master. 

Also for 970 wt. of Blades furnished same. Samuel Hairston 
is allowed for 765 lbs Beef, 7 Diats & five pecks Corn furnished 
Jesse Heard, Com'y of Provisions. 

Harris Wilson allowed £1. 17. o for 1 Beef on expedition 
against Insurrection of the Tories in the year 1780. James 
Spencer allowed 6 lbs Bacon to Capt. Hanby's company on 
their march to join Gen 1 Green in May 1781. 

Peter Hairston for 4 Barrels corn for the use of Gen 1 Hospital. 
Phillip Buzzard 55 | specie for 276 lbs Beef to Com'y Provis- 
ions; also, 31 I for 31 Diets to Capt. Hanby's company on their 
march to join Gen 1 Green in Feb'y, 1781. 

John Ferguson allowed 18 | 9 for 25 lbs Bacon & 14 | for 14 
Diets to guard & British Prisoners on their way from the South- 
ward to Winchester in May, 1781. 

Also 10 I for a Barrel of Corn to ditto in November, 1781. 
Also j£4. 15. o for 475 lbs Beef to ditto in ditto. 

John George 18 | 9 for 25 lbs Bacon to Capt. Lanier's Comp'y 
on their march to join Gen 1 Green. 

John Ferguson ^3. 11. 1. for 151^ lbs Pork, 12 lbs Bacon & 
one & a half gallons corn for Hospital at Henry C. H. , May, 

Also allowed 19 | for 19 Diets to Capt. Gwinn's company on 
march to Augusta from Gen' Green after battle of Guilford. 

Also j£io. 9. o for 950 lbs Beef, 12 Diets, 100 lbs Fodder & 
two bushels corn furnished Jesse Heard, Commissary of Provisr 

Spencer Clark 42 | 3 for 58 lbs Bacon furnished Hospital at 
Henry Courthouse in March, 1781. 

James Majors 15 | for 20 lbs ditto to ditto. 


Richard Reynolds £2. 17. o for 285 lbs beef to Comissary. 

William Gates allowed 6 | for 6 Diets furnished same. 

Anthony Bitting for 217 lbs Beef furnished in the year 1780. 

Robert Jones, Jr., £5. 3. o for 315 lbs Beef to Commissary of 
Provisions. Josiah Carter is allowed 5 | 6 for 3 Diets & 1 bushel 
corn & one peck to Hugh Armstrong on his way to Gen 1 Green. 

Also 4 I 6 for 150 bundles Fodder to Jacob Goan, Quarter 
Master Gen 1 . 

Also 10 I for four bushels meal furnished a guard with British 
prisoners on their march from the Southward to Winchester. 

Also for 12 I for 3 bushels Rye for 4 Teams on their return 
from Charlotte, in No. Carolina, to Peytonsburg, Wm. McCraw, 
D. Q. M. 

Joseph Morris £1. 16. 3 for 2 barrels corn, 10 lbs Bacon & 15 
lbs salt Pork to wagons from Peytonsburg to south — by Geo. 

William Hunter ^3, 5. ofor 325 lbs Beef to Jesse Heard, C. P. 

Aris Vaughan £1. 4. 4. for 73 lbs Pork to Hospital at H'y C. 
H., 1781. Joseph Morris 15 | for 20 lbs Bacon furnished Capt. 
Henderson's company on their march to join Gen 1 Green. 

John Neavil 2 | for 4 gallons corn furnished Jesse Heard. 

Thomas Haile 1 | 6 for 3 gallons ditto to ditto. 

Francis Kearby 4 | 4 for 13 lbs Pork to same. John Law 
£1. 13. 9 for 45 lbs Bacon to Capt. Thomas Smith's company 
on their march to join Gen' Green. 

John Gresham 10 | 8 for 14^ lbs Bacon taken for Henry mil- 
itia. George Hairston £6. 6. o for one bushels Salt, 100 
bundles Blades, 21 Diets & half bushel corn furnished John 
Armstrong, Major commanding 4th North Carolina Regiment. 

Wm. Halbert 12 | for 6 Diets & 8 gallons corn to Jesse Heard, 
C. P. Also £$. 5. 2- f° r pasturage for 12 Beeves 269 days, 12 
Diets & 12 gallons corn furnished same. 

Jonathan Hanby ^3. for 300 lbs Beef furnished the same. 

John Marr ^n. 10. o. for 1150 lbs ditto to same. 

John Parr £3. 15. o. for 375 lbs ditto to same. 

Mary Tarrent £2. 5. o. for 225 lbs dittto to same. 

William Hayne 12 | for 16 lbs Bacon to Capt. Tho's Smith's 

(to be continued)